Hi Hey Hello! So happy you're here :) I created this website to help you navigate through the health and wellness world and hopefully answer all your questions, while also showing you how to sweat and eat right. Throughout high-school and college I had a hard time finding real answers to the common questions we all have about how to workout, how to eat well, and how to balance that all with having fun and being social. You may have been in a place where you're googling "how can I get visible abs?", "how can I eat healthier?", "what diet is right for me?", "why do I feel so tired all the time?" and what do you receive? A bunch of different answers, fad diets, and workout plans that tell you can get a six pack in 3 days or drink some tea that will magically help you shed 10lbs. Sound familiar? 

Well I'm here to steer you in the right direction and help you sort through all the information out there. My passion is to help make the world of health and wellness less intimidating, easier to understand, and show you easy ways you can upgrade your life into a healthy lifestyle.