Importance Of A Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Maybe your current morning routine looks like snoozing your alarm clock, hopping in the shower 5 minutes behind schedule, and just having enough time to throw some coffee in a mug before you're joining your first Zoom morning call. The rush leaves you flustered, irritated, and certainly not ready to take on the Karen of your office.

I found tweaking the littlest things about my morning can make me feel productive right away. There is a power behind feeling productive because it makes you feel like your ducks in a row and you're more confident in your endeavors for that day. The simplest things such as always making your bed right away, taking your vitamins, and finding a breakfast recipe or two that you look forward to whipping together each morning.

Give yourself the time to get organized in the morning. If you know you're going to hit that snooze button, then set your alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can snooze away and actually get out of bed on time. Make your breakfast or coffee something you can't wait to have so it motivates you to get out of bed. Maybe that means getting a new almond milk pumpkin creamer for the fall to spice things up a bit.

Example of my morning:

Alarm clock goes off *snooze for 10 mins*

Get up + Turn on all my lights + lamps (I love to set up my environment in the morning to wake me up)

Wash face, brush teeth, take vitamins

5-10 Minutes of Stretching + If up early enough go for a walk (Fasted 30 minutes of walking in the morning is great for waking your body up + kickstarting metabolism)

Make eggs, avocado toast, and almond milk latte (This is a go to breakfast that I hardly get sick of. If you can find one or two meals that you can have on repeat, this will really help your mornings.)

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